Natural sheepskin products, handcrafted with
pride in South San Francisco, California, USA
Designed to keep you warm the natural way
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Wooly Rascals is a privately owned company that has been selling the best quality sheepskin and leather products to the public since February 14, 1984. Our workshop is located in South San Francisco, California. We retail our products at many top quality arts & crafts shows throughout the western states as well as at temporary retail stores in well known shopping malls during the months of October through February.

We prefer to use Australian Merino lambskin for our footwear for it's density of the wool, firmness of the skin, outright durability, comfort and overall quality of the finished product. For our hats, gloves and other accessories, we mostly choose to use Spanish lambskin for its softness, silkiness and better draping ability for the purposes they are used. We also use domestic sheepskin from time to time.

Wooly Rascals is proud to now offer our customers the ability to purchase our sheepskin products through our secure website in addition to visiting us at arts and crafts festivals.

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